6-7th of October 2014, Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Lodz, Kopcińskiego 8/12 Łódź

Centre fo Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership and Chair of European Economic Law along with Mayor of Lodz cordially invite for International Conference “Reform of Public Procurement Law”.

The aim of Conference:
analysis of legal regulations in relation with acceptance in 2014 new EU directives on public procurement and works and servicies concession.

The conference is addressed to all those interested in public procurement: authorities, contractors, academics and practitioners. Law analysis will be therefore conducted in the context of practical issues and problems of contracting parties during public procurement procedure.

The conference is divided into thematic panels:

■       reforms of EU law,

■       works and servicies concession,

■       public administration finances control,

■       description of the object of contract and best offer election,

■       electronic public procurement.

The speakers:

- dr Dariusz Piasta, icepresident of Public Procurement Office Urzędu Zamówień Publicznych,
- Joanna Szychowska, European Commission,
- prof. Chris Bovis, University of Hull, UK,
- prof. Gustavo Piga, Universita Tor Vergata, Italy,
- prof. Ryszard Szostak, UEK,
- prof. Andrzej Borowicz, UŁ,
-  dr Henryk Nowicki, UMK,
- dr Ryszard Krawczyk, President of RIO  in Lodz,
- dr Wojciech Robaczyński, WPIA, UŁ,
- dr Michał Kania, UŚl,
- dr Ama Eyo, Bagor University, UK,
- dr Zbigniew Raczkiewicz, EU Publication Office,
- dr Tunde Tatrai, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary,
- dr Marta Andrycka, Arhuus University, Danemark.