Seminary „Responsibility of public authorities in France and in Poland” (Lodz, 2nd December 2016)

The second seminary within PHC Polonium Programme 2016-2017 entitled „Responsibility of public authorities in France and in Poland” took place on 2nd December 2016 at Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Lodz. The Programme is realised in cooperation with Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Science of University Francois Rebalais in Tour. The topics of the second phase of the project were: liability for damages caused by legislative activity and State and local government units liability for damages cause by judicial and administrative activity. During the seminary mgr Aleksandra Bogusz, co-worker of the Centre for Public Procurement and PPP, presented paper on “Public administration responsibility for crisis management (risk prevention)”. In her presentation she underlined that despite of existence of numerous task and importance of duties of public authorities in matter of crisis management and crisis situations prevention, the responsibility of public administration towards individuals is very poor. The speech received attention and it started interesting debate.